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The stroller you should check out

I started getting interested in Baby Jogger after our first visit to Disney. Everywhere we looked parents’ were pushing the City Mini GT2 and it made us think “this has to be an amazing stroller to see it so many…


Pantene to the Rescue

We all need rescuing from time to time. When I am in trouble, I imagine my knight in shining armor sweeping in to lend a hand. Well, Pantene has become that knight in gold armor with their new Pantene Intense…


Before Dusk

Going out and taking pictures can be tricky when your husband travels all the time and you have a toddler. You have to take the days you can grab a free moment and make do with them. I had everything…


My Skin. My Way.

  As most of you know, we are rarely home more then a week at at time. Since we are always on the go,  I never have time to go to the store. I feel like I am always running…


Happy Holidays

Who is ready for all the holiday parties coming up? In years past I have always tried to dress in cute little cocktail dresses for parties. The problem with that is that I end up freezing, feel like I am…


Working with a Tripod

  I am finally sharing how I take my photos. As a full time blogger/influencer it can be tricky finding someone to help take your photos every day. You can ask your boyfriend/husband/partner to help (which in my case always…


Sweaters & Boots Weather

The weather is finally agreeing with what my wardrobe has in it. Happy to say I can finally wear sweaters and boots without completely sweating. Saying that, I will be living in this outfit now!!! I have always wanted to…



I have gone through the Nordstrom website and found my favorite trends and Fall items for you all. I hope you love these pieces as much as I do. Blazers: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |  T-shirts: 1…


Living in Denim

If you have followed me for a while than you know I love, Love, LOVE denim! I literally live in anything and everything denim. Being a full time mom and chasing a two year old everywhere, you learn to dress…


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