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My Luxury Home Office on a Budget

When we moved from DC back to Myrtle Beach, I wanted a place for me to work again. So Jonathan graciously let me take the front office and decorate it however I wanted. He was skeptical at first when I…


Sweater Weather

When the weather cools down and you start to pull out sweaters, that is my favorite time of year! NOTHING can beat the feeling of being cozy and snug in a sweater. I also love being able to dress down…


Living Room Decor

When we moved in I was nervous about all the shelves we had in the living room. I was scared I wasn’t going to find pieces that went together and looked like me. I was so excited when I partnered…


Disney World during COVID

Hello everyone, I am excited to share all the things we learned and found out while being at Disney during Covid-19. We were devastated when Disney World closed down in March (we were actually there the week it closed). We…


Take Me on a Walk

What has been your favorite quarantine activity? We have loved taking walks as a family. We make an adventure out of it by getting in the car and driving to a local walkway that has woods. I started off taking…


My top 5 places to take photos in DC

It can be fun to find new places to take photos around the city. It can sometimes be a bit tricky when DC is such a touristy area. My trick to these 5 spots is that I get up super…


Disney: Where to Stay

  As many of you know, we travel to Disney quite often. To be exact, Wesley (who is 3 1/2) has already been FOURTEEN times. Jonathan’s job is in part why we started traveling down to Orlando so much but…


Thanksgiving Tablescape

November is here and that means my favorite time of year has begun. I love decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I start thinking up what I am going to do in the house in August (as soon as the first…


Playing Tourist

Playing tourist in DC can be so much fun due to it having so many different feels. You can go to lower SoutWest and it feels like a new city or go up just 1 mile to Capitol Hill and…


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