DIY abstract artwork

Here is what you will need to accomplish this type of artwork:

  • A 36 x 36” Canvas
  • Black Paint (I used Mars Black)
  • 2” paint brush
  • Gel Medium (Gloss Super Heavy Gel)
  •  Pouty knife

I started by painting the canvas all black and let it dry completely. From there I (with the help of my husband) measured out 2 inches from the side of the canvas and put a dot every 4 inches across and 7 inches up and down.

I measured out about a cup of gel medium, I added in 3 big squeezes of the black paint and mixed together in a separate container. Taking the pouty knife, I put the gel mixture on the canvas and scraped down. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, that truly is the beauty of it being so abstract.

DIY abstract artwork

Please let me know if you try this at home and I would love to see your finished product.





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