My Luxury Home Office on a Budget

When we moved from DC back to Myrtle Beach, I wanted a place for me to work again. So Jonathan graciously let me take the front office and decorate it however I wanted.

He was skeptical at first when I said I wanted to paint the back wall black…but was surprised how it turned out. The Desk was the other thing he wasn’t sure about but I put him to work for that one. I found wood sawhorse and wanted to made a desk with them, we then found a butcher block counter top from Home Depot that we cut to size and added a white laminate top to it. All in the desk probably took 48 hours to make with having to stain all the wood and let it dry and we ended up with a price tag of $300 but it was so worth it!

We picked up these floating shelves from IKEA, which didn’t break the bank and I think really help complete the back wall. I had to piece them together, because the length I wanted they didn’t have. So if you look REALLY close you can see a small seam. I think for the price different of getting them custom made or IKEA the seam is just fine.

When it comes to the artwork, I was creative with this also. The canvas that reads “Who is standing in my way… oh it’s me” I made myself. I bought the canvas from Michaels and just stenciled the worlds out with a pencil first before painting them on. The other pictures are actually just clipped out of Vogue and framed. I also out a Vogue up backwards featuring the Gucci ad.

Overall, I have loved my office and I truly believe you can have an amazing office but still be on a budget.

I hope you enjoy this mini home office tour. xoxo…Beth


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