Disney World during COVID

Hello everyone, I am excited to share all the things we learned and found out while being at Disney during Covid-19.

We were devastated when Disney World closed down in March (we were actually there the week it closed). We spend so much time at Disney World because we are annual passholders, so I was so curious how/what would be different going back during COVID.

A run down of what a day looked like:

We had to book our reservations a month in advance to get all the parks we wanted to for the week.

The time had come to go to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday 9/1. We woke up, put our masks on and got to the Disney Bus service (since we were staying on Disney property) at 7:50am. There was a line to get on since they were only filling the bus 20% full. The buses had dividers in them (sneeze guards) to keep each party together and away from others. We were able to get on the bus by 8:10am and dropped off to the park by 8:25am. Once we got dropped off we had to go through a screening process, a big white tent were they took our temp to make sure no one had a fever. Then we were off to get our bag checked and walk through the metal detectors, after that we checked in like normal with our magic bands (but you have to have a reservation to check in).

We walked into the park at 8:40am and I couldn’t believe that Main Street was empty. If it wasn’t so hot I could have spent all morning taking amazing pictures. I unfortunately am not lucky and sweat so bad, doesn’t make for cute photos. We walked to Tomorrowland and were able to get straight on the Buzz Lightyear ride, it’s Wesley’s favorite. Everyone was so friendly and since there was no line, we actually stayed on the ride without getting off  three times. We went from there to Fantasyland and rode Winnie the Pooh twice, the Mine Ride twice, Peter Pan, It’s a Small World and a Haunted Masion all by 11:30am. We went from there to Frontierland and rode Splash Mountain once and Thunder Mountain twice. The last stops were Under the Sea and Storybook Circus to ride Dumbo and the Barnstormer. Wesley was able to ride everything he wanted to and since it was so hot we ended up leaving the park by 1:00pm and going to the pool at our resort.

We spent 7 days in Disney World going to Hollywood Studios (3 days), Magic Kingdom (3 days) & Epcot (1 day) over the week.

The difference with this time and the times before:

You have to wear a mask at all times (can only take it off if you are actively eating or drinking while standing/sitting more then 6 feet away from people), no character meetings, no parades, no fireworks, a lot of the small shops or walk up food options were closed, you had to do online ordering from the app to get a table at any restaurant (they wouldn’t let you in unless they see that your order is ready on the app), had to reserve a table for fine dinning on the app also, no stroller parking attendants (where you leave it is where you will find it), there are markers all over the park to stand 6 feet apart when in line for rides, shops and walk up dining that is actually open.

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I would say it’s a great time to go if you love to ride rides, but if you want a full Disney World experience you won’t get it during this time. Luckily we go mostly for the rides so for us it was a magical time getting right on and off rides.

I would love to ANSWER any questions you all would have, let me know in the comments.

I hope you all have a fantastic day! xoxo…Beth

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