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As many of you know, we travel to Disney quite often. To be exact, Wesley (who is 3 1/2) has already been FOURTEEN times. Jonathan’s job is in part why we started traveling down to Orlando so much but now it just has become a place Wesley and myself can’t keep ourselves away from.

I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks of how we have been able to go so many time on a budget. I will be doing  a THREE part series on how to save money and enjoy all the perks of Disney as a family.


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Staying at Disney can be scary when looking at places for the family. If you stay at some Disney Resorts it can have a price tag of $500 + a night attached. I am here to say that you don’t have to fork over that much money to stay on Disney property. Twelve of the fourteen times we have been to Disney over the past three years we have stayed on Disney property for less then $170 a night (all depending on the dates you go).

So here is our trick, we stay at the Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs

It is the closest hotel to Disney Springs (only a 5 minute walk to food & entertainment) and you still get the perks of being on Disney Property (which includes free bus services to all the parks, extra Magic Hours and character breakfast).

Disney springs hotel, where to stay at Disney, perks of staying at disneyThe Wyndham Lake Buena Vista has two different hotels (the Tower and the Garden). We have stayed at both but our last stay that I am sharing photos from is from the newly renovated Garden rooms. I was so impressed with all the details they put into the renovations. They added in a barn door for the bathroom, gold bird hooks above an amazing seating area (where you can keep your shoes) and so impressed with the overall brightness of the room. If you want your dollar to stretch the furthest, the Garden rooms are where you want to stay (they run with a smaller price tag then the Tower rooms but you aren’t giving up any luxuries).

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I took my mom with me this past trip. She had stayed at the Garden room this past year before they were renovated and this time she was so impressed with how well they looked and felt with all the updates. Her favorite features were also how much light came in the room with the big windows and also the barn door (it’s just so cute).

Staying on a budget at Disney, perks of staying on Disney property, Disney springs hotelThe view from outside of our room looking in! ⤴️

We will be back next month for Wesley’s birthday and will be booking our stay with Wyndham in a Garden room!   (Fun fact: At this point Wesley thinks our second home is the Wyndham Disney Springs)

Stay tuned, I will be posting the other two blog posts of tips for saving money at Disney over the coming month. Also please leave any questions you may have and I am happy to answer all things about traveling to Disney.







(This stay pictured above was sponsored by Wyndham but not the 11 stays before this one)


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