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One of Jonathan and mine quilty pleasures is pasta but with trying to eat healthier we were avoiding eating pasta dishes. We tried to make zucchini noodles at home but they didn’t turn out amazing (always came out soggy). So when I heard that Noodles started expanding their menu to bring in healthy options, Jonathan and I had to check it out.

I ordered the zucchini garlic & wine sauce with balsamic chicken & Jonathan got the zucchini pesto with grilled chicken. You can modify any of the meals to leave off the chicken to make it vegan or even substitute the noodles for gluten free ones, making their new means for everyone that loves noodles or needs to try noodles in a new way.

You can check out the new menu for yourself here!

I usually don’t let myself eat an entire meal but when you can see the calorie count on the menu and feel so healthy while eating something you love, it’s worth it!
Happy Eating and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new meals options at Noodles.



This post was sponsored by noodles, all thoughts and opinions were my own!



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