Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

I have always been a bit self-conscious about my teeth, I have had a gap between them since I had baby teeth. When I was little I used to smile with my mouth shut and tried not to show my teeth when talking so no one would notice them. As I got older, I grew to love them because it made me unique and I started whitening my teeth to show them off. I have tried so many different products that would do a little bit of whitening but never made my smile shine. I am excited to share a new product that is just hitting shelves and will change the way you smile and make you SHINE!

Welcome to ARC!!! This is the whitening kit I have been using and couldn’t be happier with the results (you see results in just 3 days of daily use)! It is super easy to use, also easy to fit into your daily bathroom regiment and safe for your teeth’s enamel. It’s a 3 step process… Apply the gel strips, Use the ARC Blue Light and SMILE!

First step, you open up the teeth whitening strips (one strip for your top teeth and one for you bottom teeth). They apply by peroxide gel that sticks to your teeth with no mess and you let them sit there for 25 minutes. The whole process lasts 3o minutes and the last 5 minutes is the part that really makes your smile shine.

Here is the ARC Blue Light, this is what you do for the last 5 minutes that the strips are on your teeth. You turn on the light and apply in your mouth over the strips. The LED in the ARC Light emits blue light that targets stains to weaken their chemical bond.

I am excited to share a discount code that will give you $15 off, use ARCxBeth at checkout.

You are never fully dressed without a smile and the ARC whitening treatment will help you be able to smile even brighter! I would love to hear what makes you smile…


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