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I feel like I lost myself this year in blogging. I started to think about what people were liking to see and what other people were liking to wear that I lost sight of ME! 

It is never a good feeling when you lose sight of what motivates you and feels like what you use to love is becoming a chore! Has anyone felt like this?

I started blogging as a hobby, it was something I could come home from work and do for fun! I loved how people could express themselves in so many amazing ways and yet all still be able to relate/connect! Once I started blogging full time it turned into a business (which is amazing) but I was going about it thinking what brands wanted to see and what people were liking and kinda molded myself to that figure! Which is a good sense of what to do but you can’t loose who you are. Once you do that, brands don’t know how to relate to you and people that use to like your content zone out on your blog/feed! 

I think as Instagram continues to grow we are starting to see a lot of similar places, outfits and ideas as we scroll. I think it is great to get motivation from our peers but once it turns into straight copying is when it crosses the line! 

I’m not going to lie, I started losing myself and the further I did the more I started choosing the easy way out! I’m not proud of it and I know it probably happens at some point to most of us. 

I’m here to encourage you to find yourself and be the best version of that! I took this week off from most of social media to really figure out what I wanted to get out of it! The questions I asked myself: is this something that is still my passion and I want to pursue, is the industry to oversaturated for me to stand out, if I go back to my true sense of fashion – are people going to hate it, how to find my voice and do what I love still? 

I’m here to say… I still love blogging and I am not throwing in the towel! I will be refocusing and really finding the things that drive me and make me happy! It will probably be an outfit or place that is outside what you have seen from me (this year). I am going back to my roots and finding the beauty in not just an outfit but the feeling of the photos themselves. 

I hope you all had a great week and thank you for being amazing and following along on my journey!









  1. Rachael
    July 7, 2018 / 12:57 am

    You’re doing awesome. I feel like motherhood changes everything over and over again, If you’re anything like me that’s been something I wasn’t prepared for post baby! Staying true and figuring out what you want and don’t want is always the most important thing! Good for you for realizing all this. I’m rooting for you!

  2. July 25, 2018 / 8:14 pm

    Just popping by to say thank you for such encouraging words of wisdom and truth! Finding yourself in the social scenes can be so difficult sometimes, but you just have to grin, bare it and keep moving forward! You’re so awesome – you’re my person!! (insert cheesy grin).

    xo – Savannah

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