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5 learnings of a mother, teaching a toddler, working at home with a toddlerBeing a mother is such a rewarding job but it comes with so much responsibility. Each morning I wake up and pray that I can do what is right by the little one and that I am able to teach him and nurture him throughout the day. dressing the part, dressing up distressed denim, wearing black heels5 things I have learned from being a mother, motherhood learnings, stay at home motherSWEATER | DENIM | HEELS | SUNGLASSES  Wesley: TOP | DENIM | BOOTS

When I was younger I watched my sister have kids and I thought it looked like a breeze (she just made it look super easy).  I am almost 2 years into being a mother and I still don’t have everything figured out, I don’t think I ever will. I did though want to share some of my findings that have worked for me stay sane 😂.

  1. Keep A Schedule – I know this is a hard one for new mom’s but I encourage anyone that I know to start your baby off on a schedule right away. If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter when you start but they will learn it and will help for a day to run smooth. Wesley has it down to a science of when he eats breakfast, has potty time, has nap time ect… It has been one way that has helped me stay sane because we both know the routine of the day and we can kinda walk each other through it. Being a stay at home mom and blogging full time, it helps to know right when I can sit down and type up a blog post, schedule out instagram posts or time to respond emails. Now not everything works just perfect every day and that is why I have my second finding below (LAUGH).
  2. Learn to Laugh– I say Laugh because as much as we do try to plan, things will come up. Being a mother is about rolling with the punches and getting back up with a smile. I did try way to hard in the beginning to completely stay to Wesley’s schedule and I stressed myself out when he went down for a nap 15 minutes late (I know I sound like a completely insane person) but those things would get to me. Now if something comes up, I smile and enjoy life whatever way it comes at me. Most days we do stay pretty in sync and I am able to get my work done.
  3. Talk, Talk, Talk – It is crazy about how much a little one will pick up on even before they can talk. We taught sign language to Wesley at 7 months old to help us being able to communicate at an early age. We were unsure if he would pick up talking as fast and around 20 months it just clicked and he was a chatter box. It has been crazy to see what he was listening to before he was talking. He started to say “un-ah” instead of “no” when he didn’t want something. We thought that was interesting until we realized that we tell him “un-ah” when he does something he isn’t allowed to do. It is so funny that Jonathan and I didn’t even realize that we were doing that for the past 2 years until Wesley started saying it. So yes, they are always listening and it is important to nip the bad habits in the bud so the little ones don’t hear and start saying them also (thankful nothing else has come up except “un-ah”)
  4. LOVE – As hard as you can because before you know it they will be all grown up. Time gets away so fast and just cherish each and every moment you have together.

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  2. Amy Arnold
    November 10, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    So true mama. And a good reminder to me to love. The most important!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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