High Slit Anyone?


Maxi dresses have always been a bit of a challenge for me since I am not very tall. Whenever I wanted to wear one it was to just wear around town and didn't want to pull out heels so it didn't drag on the ground. I know, I could have spent the time and money for getting them hemmed but it just always seemed to much for me to finally get it down. All that to say that I am obsessed with this maxi dress. I was able to dress it for the beach and I didn't even worry about putting shoes on at all with it but then took it out on the town later that night and was able to add some wedges. It is so light weight that it should be on everyone's summer wish list and especially if you are traveling (it packs so well and if you let it hang, all the wrinkles come right out). Yes, this dress will be in my luggage for South Africa.
I have finally embraced the warm weather, found my perfect mom bathing suit and all just in time. As a family we are all headed to Vegas in just 4 short days. With Jonathan's business we find out where next and start packing, it can make things exciting but also a little nerve racking with a baby. Be sure to follow along on my instagram all our adventures next week (there will be so many instagram stories)

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pom pom & ruffles

Can we all just please say "summer come fast." I have enjoyed using this bag already, I know it should be a beach bag but why not pull it out a bit sooner. I have gotten quite a few complements on how cute the pom poms are, it's true since that is one of the reasons I had to have the bag! 
This past weekend was super exciting and busy! We got to celebrate Jonathan's birthday and we did a staycation overnight on the beach. It was mixed feelings during the process since we had our first official night away from the baby. It was a little emotional but a good practice run since we will be away 10 days in just a months time (I have no idea how I am going to make it that long). Please keep my in your thoughts as I start to mentally prepare for that trip. 

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beach life

Some times I forget that this beautiful scene is basically right out the front door. I usually take for granted that I live in a beach town and I rarely go visit the ocean. I have never been a fan of sharks, sand or salt water, I know I am crazy, right? I am going to make more of an effort to appreciate what is around me and have Wesley get to experience building sand castles and all the fun that comes along with the beach.
When I started building my spring wardrobe, I instantly fell head over heels for the off the shoulder tops. Perfect for a stroll on the beach or around town without having to worry about tan lines. I know women think about that and don't want to admit it or maybe you are like me and just embrace the crazy OCD'ness about tan lines. Needless to say these type of tops are great and I will be adding more into my closet soon.
So I know I announced on instagram but I have to let you all know also that I will be heading to South Africa and France in the coming months. We will be staying on the coast in South Africa and I am already going a bit crazy on beach wear and I know per usual I will completely over pack. I hope you stay tuned on our adventures.

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hello 90's

This outfit has been on repeat since the weather is almost like summer over the past month. Not sure if you have seen it but I have had major late 90's flash backs with the boyfriend denim, lace cami tops and so much leopard. Don't get me wrong I am LOVING it all and I am happy to have it back and I am glad I kept a couple things from those days (I may be a slight hoarder when it comes to clothes, please don't judge). 
Who, What, Wear has been killing it with their Target collection and I got this cami for a great price and have loved it dearly. When I was online ordering the top, I may have put a couple more of their items in my cart also, oops. Shop some of my favorites below. 

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