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This little boy just makes my heart smile. He is such a happy go-lucky little man that rolls with the punches. He has now been to over thirteen states and is only eight months old. (You can follow Wesley and our travels on his instagram) My husband travels ALL OVER for work and for us to be tougher, Wesley and I go with him. For someone his age having to adapt to traveling and being on the road so much, I am just so proud of him. These little sunnies that Wesley is wearing are great for traveling and for all babies in general. They are truly unbreakable, you can bend them, chew them and they hold up great. I am about to invest in another pair; I think the black mirrored pair this time, so he can match me?

When we are on the road so much, it is great to be able to dress up a bit when we are home. So I try to make a point to pull out a skirt or blouse to feel a bit more put together. This is skirt is meant for summer is meant for summer, but why not transition it into Fall? We ARE in the south and it is still 90 degrees at the end of September. I think it's going to be a hot Fall and I just hope pray we aren't putting up our Christmas tree in shorts again this year. 

xoxo...beth & wesley

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comfort is not overrated

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Sneakers are a staple in my outfits now and these converse slip ons are the best. Having a baby in my arms and trying to bend over to tie my shoes, it's no good. So I have figured out ways to incorporate outfits around flats and slip on sneakers. If you would have told me last year that I would be wearing backpacks and sneakers and not wearing heels and dresses every day, I probably would have laughed at you. It is true that style changes with life events and Wesley for sure is a life event! I sure do love being able to be comfortable though, while chasing him around the house, telling him, "Don't climb on that, don't put your fingers in there and don't pull on the dog's ears!" (poor Chloe).

currently craving (fall splurge & save)

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Fall is almost upon us and I for one am so excited. It happens to be my favorite time of year, the leaves or changing, being outdoors is fun again and LAYERING is back. Nothing is better to me then getting to throw a scarf on and a light jacket to run errands. 

I have put some of my must haves and wants together above. These steve madden heels are going to be having a new home soon. They are perfect for fall with a pair of skinny denim, long sleeve tee and of course a scarf. 
What is your favorite things about fall? There are so many and I always like finding more things to love about this season.


new beginnings

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I am excited for being able to relaunch the blog this week. 
SETTLING SOUTHERN, the name comes from moving back south and planting roots to stay. I am a midwesterner and now I will be officially a southerner. Settling Southern only seems fit for this next chapter in life. This rebranding will be place where all aspects of my life can live. I will be sharing with you all (y'all) what is taking place at home (such as starting to work on building a house, raising Wesley and all our fun travels). There will be a new section that will be all things that I am craving for fashion. Somewhere that you can stop and find the next perfect bag for fall or the best sales that are going on. Lastly I couldn't stop doing what I love to do, which is putting outfits together. So I will continue to be doing outfit posts (my style). It also helps to have an excuse to get ready in the morning, otherwise sweatpants here we come. Still trying to figure out this whole "stay at home mom" thing.  

Now can we please talk about how cute Wesley is in these pictures. I still can't believe how fast he is growing up. It has been a while since I have shared anything about him, he is now 8 months old. He is getting to the age where he is sitting so well and crawling everywhere. But one of my favorite things at this stage is that he can start to wear separates (like these camo pants), which means his little fashion is starting to be on point. I can't wait to continue to share his growth, sweet little eyes and his fun outfits. 

It is fall and I am still gravitating towards ripped denim. Being a little boys mom I feel like I can get away with this trend even better now. Naturals are also going to be a go to for fall. I have worn so many bright colors in my day that I am ready to take a step back and blend in a bit. :) 

Again i am so excited to be able to share the new site, name and content with all of you. 

xoxo...beth & wesley
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