count down!

sweater:j.crew | leggings:kate spade | heels:kate spade | handbag:kate spade | sunglasses:kate spade | watch:kate spade | necklace:kate spade chain, J charm, W charm, charmlipstick:bobbi brown

the count down is getting so much stronger. we are at 35 weeks and i can't believe how close we are to the end of this adventure. saying that the next adventure after 40 weeks will be even more life changing.
 kate spade has these amazing charm necklaces and i was able to customize a necklace that fits my life. when i went into making mine i was able to put my husbands first initial and our sons first initial.
(also sorry i have been a bit more absent of late…with work, baby and baby prep i have had a lot on my plate! thanks all of being so understanding)

saying everything about kate spade… don't forget to check out online or in store until 12/1/15 to receive 30% off with code SHINE.

i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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add a little leather

dress:forever 21 (similar| sweater:banana republic (now on sale) | heels:christian louboutin | handbag:kate spade | sunglasses:kate spade | watch:kate spade | lipstick:bobbi brown

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