live colorfully in 2014

dress:kate spade, blouse:j.crew (now on sale), belt:kate spade (on sale), heels:aldo (old) clutch:kate spade (similar here), bangles:kate spade, stella&dot c/o meredith king, earrings:kate spade, cooper watch:kate spade 

here is to 2014. please don't judge the fact that i have been away from the site for almost 2 weeks. the beginning of the year is always the busiest for me. i promise over this month you will see & hear much more from me. i am excited to have rung in the new year and set some pretty nice goals for myself. i did something different then the typical new years resolutions...i am going to work more on keeping in touch with hand written cards and really dedicating time to what i am doing here. i told my husband that i have small goals that i want to do with this site and i am excited to see how/when they come true and happen. i hope that you all have set some great goals for 2014. here is to an amazing year.


  1. Such a cute outfit! You look like someone right out of a Kate Spade ad:)

    1. you are to sweet...thanks ashley. that is kinda my mission in life so it is nice to hear it paying off! :)

  2. What an amazing clutch! Small goals are definitely the best. I can never seem to keep the big ones!
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