City Life

(Express v-neck, Express black skinny jeans, forever 21 lace up heels, Express & Forever 21 jewelry, Express belt, vintage purse...which means I forgot where I got it)

Fire Wings

(Express beaded pocket top, Express high waist denim shorts, Express moccasin sandals)

Here and Now

Steve Maddens
(Express flyaway shirt, Express zipper leggings, Beth Adams hand knitted scarf, Steve Madden heels)

Cowboy and Indians

fence full
My favorites!
seeing over
gold leaves
beth full
The bag
(My Dad's vintage button up shirt, Express ultra skinny jeans, Aldo cowboy boots, forever 21 gold leaf earrings, Express leather tassel bag)

Playing cowboy and Indian was always so much fun when we were going up. Now every time I put cowboy boots on I want to chase Amos around with a cap gun and tell him to stick em up! To bad when you getting bigger you also have to mature so now they are just my favorite fashion piece!


beth see
beth in street

(The Fireislander Woman vintage jacket, Express shoulder padded t-shirt, Express denim leggings, Aldo oxfords lace ups, Vintage gold earrings)

I woke up and thought to myself "today is not the day to be taking pictures it is awful outside." Amos thought something else when he woke up...Everyday is a good day for pictures you just need to know how to make it work! I was very proud of him cause the pics turned out amazing! We have been having a lot of fun doing this together so I hope these looks are fun and inspiring to you all...
Also I want to say Happy Birthday to our big brother whose birthday is today! Luke you have been so inspirational to Amos and myself over all these years! Thanks so much for al you have done...We love you!!!

501 Bypass

beth street
(Beth: Express Jean acid jacket, Express grey flyaway cardigan, Express yoga skirt, Express skinny medal belt, Aldo suede heels. Amos: Express fitted white 1MX, Express skinny black tie, Ccs straight leg jeans, Vintage cowboy boots, Urban outfitters sunglasses)


(Express flower shirt, Express wool vest, Express acid wash skirt, Express half cowboy boots, Express bracelet, Urban Outfitters sunglasses)

These are the benefits of living in Myrtle Beach...going out in a tank top and skirt in the beginning of February! It's been super nice out the past couple of days. The cold front is coming fast though and the rain also. Amos and I may be able to get some puddle shots or something fun like that from the weather. If not the WII will get some good use....

The Beginning

( Urban Outfitters cotton flower dress, Vintage Express boyfriend cardigan, Express braided leather belt, Aldo leather cowboy boots....aka my favorite shoes of all times)

We are up and running now! The winter is coming to an end so now getting outside is better then ever. We have been taking pictures every day for the past week. They will begin to be uploaded and for you all to see!!! Enjoy and stay tuned...
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