Freezing in the City

Jonathan's travels for business took us back to DC this past week. It was great getting to be back to our home away from home and seeing family and friends. I loved getting to show Wesley around some of my favorite spots (not that he will remember any of what I showed him), but we will have those memories in photos. He even snuck into some of my photos when we were shooting in Georgetown the night before we left (if you haven't seen yet, you should check out the adorable photo on instagram @settlingsouthern)
The day that I took these pictures it was a wonderful 32 degrees out and the wind was blowing full force. I really should have packed better and taken mittens, hats and some wool socks. I will have to say though "you have to do what you have to do for good photos" and I really like how these turned out. So, question for all of you, what are you thoughts on boyfriend denim? My hubby is not a fan of them but I have to say that I am! There is just something about a relaxed/distressed fit that just makes me feel so comfortable. 

I hope everyone is having a great last week of February!


Who is stall in need of a good date night with their special someone? Since we were on the road for Valentine's Day we had the baby with us. When we get home I am hoping for a little bit of alone time with the hubby! Don't get me wrong, Valentine's Day is all about showing love and since Wesley and Jonathan are my two men, it was great getting to spend time with both of them.

So speaking of still needing a date night, this beautiful dress is the perfect option! I can't say how much I love this look and how sexy/chic I felt wearing it. It happens to be a dress but it has the look for a crop top and pencil skirt (so clever, right?).

I hope everyone had a great day filled with LOVE!!!



SWEATSHIRT (now on sale) | PANTS | SUNGLASSES | BAG | SHOES (now on sale)

I am not going to start off by lying, this sweatshirt was me stepping outside of my comfort zone. I have always been a bit reserved when it came to ruffles and especially ruffles across my chest. The sweatshirt came across my instagram and I fell in love with it. I tracked it down and purchased immediately but when I received it, I put it in the closet and was double guessing my purchase. When I pulled it out this week I couldn't believe I double guessed myself, it is perfect and I couldn't love it more. I decided to pair it with a more basic outfit, to make the sweatshirt be the main statement. When you have a ruffle this big, it should be doing all the talking! I can't go anywhere without these prada sunglasses so they made the cut with the outfit also. 
I am not sure anyone has been aware but I have had a crazy crack down on my weight. I have lost over 35 pounds in the past couple of months (baby weight was tough for me to get rid of, until I put a very good action plan in place with strict restrictions for myself). So now with the weight dropping off I am having to redo my wardrobe piece by piece. The biggest thing is finding what I want to push myself to try differently and having the confidence to build an outfit around those pieces. I am starting with basics and also splurging a bit, I don't feel too bad rewarding myself for all the hard work I have done. 
Saying all that, I will be sure to share all of my new findings and I thank all of you for being such encouragement to me. I wouldn't have been able to do what I have without a great support system and such kind words. 

Thanks for stopping by!



Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am already starting to think about how I will be spending it. Last year we weren't able to go out since the baby was only a month old, so this year the hubby and I are going to make up for it. These staples are great for inspiration on what to wear or also for what you would like to show up as gifts. Who doesn't love to be showered with sweet things? I have been dying over this top since I saw it and I believe I am going to bite the bullet and make sure I can wear it for dinner on Valentines's Day.  Also you have probably already seen me wear these sneakers and I LOVE them. They are the perfect amount of street and chic mixed together, a great practical gift (either from someone or to yourself). And lastly with my complete weaknesses, I can't stop looking and thinking about this bag! I got to touch and hold it last weekend and the gentleman helping me almost had to pry it out of my hands. I am a big statement handbag lady and this one just says it all (fingers crossed it someday will be mine). 



I was excited this week that the temperature got down low enough to pull my sweaters and scarves out of the closet. It sure is different living in the south in the dead of winter. Up north at this time I would be bundled and wouldn't want any skin showing for fear I would have frostbite. Now I get so excited if I have one day out of the month that I can put on my winter coat.
I can't say enough good things about this sweater and how versatile it can be. You can never go wrong with a tan cable knit sweater, right? I have had fun pairing this sweater with classic and non traditional outfits alike, I have paired it with leather leggings also (stay tuned for that post).

I hope everyone has a great start to the week.



I have been playing around with velvet. I have been a bit hesitant about this trend but have fallen in love with it. Do you see my pattern lately? I have tackled a couple of fears and 2017 is about stretching my comfort zone. I am doing this for all of you, trying to keep up to date on trends and show how to fix my staples and trendy pieces. This blush dress is very classic and with a scarf it can be dressed down. You can also dress it up with a statement necklace for a date night or going out on the town. One last thing about this dress, I can't say enough about how comfy it is. I ended up wearing this outfit to run errands after these pictures and still didn't want to take it off when I got home.
Another thing that I will be doing going forward is being much more consistent on content. Having a little one and being in the works of building, the blog can get lost in everything. I have committed to myself and to you all that I am going to be much more present in 2017. I will be posting on a consistent basis, as well as really amping up my sale alerts, documenting our travels (which will be taking us overseas this year) and even more family fun posts.  Be sure to continue stopping by for great new content on a bi-weekly basis!

We are almost half way through January and I hope everyone is staying warm! The cold has caught up to most of the states this week, even here in South Carolina. Sending everyone warm thoughts.

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