First off, no I have not fallen off the side of the earth. I have been a bit absent from the blog but I am now back on my schedule. We have been world traveling and now trying to get back into the swing of things with the little one. It sure is nice to be home and back with family. Don't get me wrong it was fun getting to get away and just be my husband and myself. Saying that about half way through our trip, I was ready to hold our little munchkin. 

I have been having fun lately with seeing how I can revamp my wardrobe without going way out of my monthly spending budget. The sandals above (similar here) are from last season, they had a strap around the back of them, but this season is all about slides. I cut off the back strap and boom they are current. These denim are still current, just got them this spring and love them, but I pulled out the scissors and trimmed the hem off the bottom to make them look frayed. I also roll the bottom of these denim up a lot so now I have 2 different looks in one pair.   
Have you been doing anything creative with your wardrobe this spring?
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This outfit has been one of my constant go-tos lately. It is so comfortable and an easy throw on when out running errands. Before the baby, I was all about sacrificing for fashion but now I am all about what is stylish and COMFORTABLE. You won't go wrong this spring/summer putting a denim skirt into your closet and rotation for outfits. This Levi's denim skirt is a must have and I am already eyeing it in dark blue. Also is anyone else loving lace bralettes for this season? They are another easy way to stay in style and be comfortable with tank tops and sheer tops/blouses. 
We leave the country this week, ahhh!! I have so much to do in two days before we leave, my head is spinning. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and my Instagram Stories with all things regarding travel to South Africa and Paris. 

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I hope everyone is having a great start to the week! If you are like me, it's a little hard to get a start on the week especially after a holiday weekend. I always end up eating to much, letting myself relax (maybe a bit to much) and then it is a kick start to my system when the week starts back. We are on the road again and that can always add a bit of stress to the beginning of the week. Wesley likes when we travel close cause he doesn't mind taking naps in his car seat. The little man is a champ for just going with things, especially when it comes to traveling, we are always on the go. 
I won't leave without saying how much fun I had wearing this comfy/casual outfit around this weekend. I am always happy when I have these golden goose sneakers on, they are just so comfortable and you can't go wrong with them. I also have to state that this cardigan from asos is THE softest and I already ordered another one (cause its under $40) so I am never without it. 
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Stripes & Vegas

We are home for Vegas and we are staring to catch up on sleep. I know what you think when I say that but instead of partying we were trying to get a 15 month old to sleep on the time difference. When traveling with a 3 hour time change it can sometimes be tricky but I will have to say that Wesley did much better than expected. He did ok, but we still need to catch up on some much needed sleep. We did have a great time while out west, and it was fun to watch Wesley run around everywhere. He danced to street performers and gave so many strangers high fives. He is at such a cute age and is just such a loving boy. 
It got a little chilly the last two days there and I'm glad I packed some warmer clothes. This is one of my new favorite tops and loved pulling it out of my luggage. I have never owned a choker top until this one and I just couldn't let it pass me by. Shop my other two favorite choker tops here & here!
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High Slit Anyone?


Maxi dresses have always been a bit of a challenge for me since I am not very tall. Whenever I wanted to wear one it was to just wear around town and didn't want to pull out heels so it didn't drag on the ground. I know, I could have spent the time and money for getting them hemmed but it just always seemed to much for me to finally get it down. All that to say that I am obsessed with this maxi dress. I was able to dress it for the beach and I didn't even worry about putting shoes on at all with it but then took it out on the town later that night and was able to add some wedges. It is so light weight that it should be on everyone's summer wish list and especially if you are traveling (it packs so well and if you let it hang, all the wrinkles come right out). Yes, this dress will be in my luggage for South Africa.
I have finally embraced the warm weather, found my perfect mom bathing suit and all just in time. As a family we are all headed to Vegas in just 4 short days. With Jonathan's business we find out where next and start packing, it can make things exciting but also a little nerve racking with a baby. Be sure to follow along on my instagram all our adventures next week (there will be so many instagram stories)

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pom pom & ruffles

Can we all just please say "summer come fast." I have enjoyed using this bag already, I know it should be a beach bag but why not pull it out a bit sooner. I have gotten quite a few complements on how cute the pom poms are, it's true since that is one of the reasons I had to have the bag! 
This past weekend was super exciting and busy! We got to celebrate Jonathan's birthday and we did a staycation overnight on the beach. It was mixed feelings during the process since we had our first official night away from the baby. It was a little emotional but a good practice run since we will be away 10 days in just a months time (I have no idea how I am going to make it that long). Please keep my in your thoughts as I start to mentally prepare for that trip. 

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